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Open Mic

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They stare up with their naked faces and observe the long-haired, round-faced young woman, her hands shaking with nerves, shuffling through pages, squinting through the bright stage lights and sweating under their heat. The expressionless faces waiting to be encouraged this way or that, a frown, a smile, a gasp, a giggle, a tear; just one will do; it will make the multitude that the young woman has poured over her paragraphs seem a little less useless. All they want is content. Coherent content that they can soak up and process, through those brains, between those ears, behind those eyes; that glare up with so much focus; gazing through the young woman’s naked soul.

A pair of lungs get cleared and the sound echoes and rumbles through the room, deafening for the young woman, inaudible to the audience.

She lowers her focus to the pages that she shuffles through her hands and she tries to think. She knows what she must do. She must deliver herself from this moment of stomach wrenching pause. She must transport the audience away from reality. She must bring them on the journey that she once traveled in a dream life. She must show them the butterfly effect that caused these organised smudges to form letters, that formed words, that now crawl from her mouth, and grow wings, and flutter through the air, and perch on each of the ears in the room.

For a moment, they smile; a momentary indication of delight at the sight of words that metamorphose. But this pretty exhibition of pixie magic is not enough to satisfy their demonic appetites as they grab the butterflies from above their ears shove them between their teeth and munch on them like dragons on horse bones, preferring to feed on the girl’s pain and labour than to gaze upon her creations with awe.

She returns from her pages to the polite applause of the audience, their facial expressions still unstirred, no smiles, no frowns, no tears; not one. She descends from the stage and returns to her seat amongst her demons.

It was the content. It was too sweet. She shouldn’t have sugar coated the butterflies. It’s a lesson learnt and another dagger through her heart. That doesn’t matter now. It’s her turn to throw the daggers.

65 thoughts on “Open Mic

  1. Hey hi! This is THE first fiction story I’ve read on WP and ever truly liked. BraVO. Can’t wait to explore more. 😉

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  2. I loved this. I have been that girl (well, her brother maybe) a number of times in my sordid past as an aspiring musician, and I have always wondered how the rockstars do it; be so cool up there.

    Thanks for stopping by my ‘bogged down’ blog.

    I look forward to reading more.

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  3. I enjoyed how you described the open mic from her perspective, in all its range of emotions. Having participated, as well as been in the audience, at open mics, I found resonance in your words. I am keen to read more of your fiction, and I like your humour, Del! 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog.

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  4. A very poignant and vivid episode, delnolan! I like the details you wove through it, giving me a strong sense for the girl and her emotional/mental state, and the atmosphere of the room, from her POV and from an authorial/objective POV. Nice job…

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  5. Thanks for following me, You have really described beautifully as a really felt one in New Delhi when the anchor(She is New Reader in All India Radio)came to the open mic of India Gate. I love.
    Now You worded it out.

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  6. I love your sense of style! Keep it up! And thanks for the follow, hopefully we can collaborate on something or you can be a guest on my blog?

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  7. Honestly, you words took me by surprise. I could see and feel everything as if I were her. It might be because I could relate, you caused me to remember past experiences and I applaud you for that. People can so blind and consumed..

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  8. If your readers (and you) want help with mastering the butterflies, try to find a Toastmaster’s International group in your neighborhood. The ones I know are wonderful in their helpfulness. Thanks for your like on my “Target…”

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