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To Do

To Do Image

1. Wake Up


2. Get out of bed


3. Get dressed


4. Eat breakfast


5. Solve the mysteries of life


6. Achieve eternal happiness


7. Write easier ‘to do’ list

8. Fail to complete new ‘easier to do’ list

9. Write another new list

20 thoughts on “To Do

  1. A Brit? I noticed a ‘Cheers, mate!’ I like this post mostly because 5 and 6 apply to me too, very, very much. Great writing. My daughter writes, but I’m not allowed to look. Wish she would do this too. Thanks for following. I only meant to blog to keep a handle on my thoughts, but it’s growing out of my comfort zone, lol.

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    1. We say that here in some parts of Ireland too. It must have rubbed off on us!
      There is nothing but positive feedback here so it would be a cool forum for your daughter to start developing confidence in her work. Keep it going. It’s good to be outside your comfort zone. If nobody ventured out of their respective zones, nothing would get published and we would all live in some sort of weird, ignorant, book-less world! 😦


  2. Book-less? Never say such things 😉

    Oh my goodness, as far as my ability allows I am a bit of a pedant on my own punctuation, and so when people like my work I re-check the grammar and then feel compelled to edit when I spot mistakes. I do hope that every edit isn’t somehow relayed to followers. That would be tedious for them. Why is it that everything I do gives me one more thing to be anxious about, haha.

    Ah, Ireland, I see. Nice.

    I’ll stop talking now. I’ll tell my daughter what you said.

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    1. You must love editing! I’m fairly sure they’re not relayed. I’ve done the same myself a few times and checked it to make sure it didn’t come up again on the fiction feed.
      I’ll look forward to reading more posts and maybe a post or two from your daughter in the not-so-distant future.
      All the best!
      Talk to you again soon.


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