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Feverish Football Fanatics

Feverish Football Fanatics Image

They loaded into the lounge, laughing laddishly whilst listening to the LCD TV lament the last lapse attempt this team made, labelling it as a lazy, lifeless, losing effort that could have lost them the league.

‘Brutal, Ben. Absolutely, bloody brutal. A beating by which nobody has ever been blown away by.’

‘Bloody right, Bill! A bewildering display brought about by some behind the ball blabbering that has been bubbling beneath the blanket benignly until… Boom!’

Patrick picks up his pint and pours a portion partially down before impulsively spraying other proud patrons in passionate reprisal of the pundit’s patronizing portrayal.

‘What a pile of pony poo!’ he pipes up. ‘This pundit’s misplaced the plot!’

‘Your right!’ Rick responds. ‘Ridiculous refereeing was the rightful reason.’ raucously reminiscing. ‘It’s an unrealistic reflection of the reds’ real readiness to right the wrongs in remaining arrangements.’

‘Flippin fact!’ Fergus figures, ‘They’re forever flavouring the facts by flinging foul fictitious fantasies in football features. It’s friggin’ fanciful!’


Two halves of hastefully hammering goals behind a harmless keeper, has hastened their heroes to humbling their heretics.

22 thoughts on “Feverish Football Fanatics

      1. I really enjoy them. There is a moment of transference when I look at them. When I saw the boxes I saw cardboard, the coffee cup was an ivory shade filled with coffee loaded with cream and sugar – just the way I like it. The football players were wearing red and green woolen sweaters and the glasses were filled with frothy ale. Initially, the guy on the right was crying but now I think he is just passed out. See where I am going with this? Thanks for engaging my imagination. I imagine the other people who see them will perceive them differently.


      2. That’s interesting! What I’m trying to do is keep to a minimalist style so as to let the words and people’s imaginations do the work. So I’m chuffed that you recognised the thing that I had so purposefully set out to do. 😉

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      3. I have a proposition for you delnolan. Would you like to draw a doodle for me? I would use it in a blog, tag you, draw attention to your artistic talent and your blog.


      4. An interesting proposition. I could do that. I’m away from home at the moment (blogging with my phone) but will be back next week and could do something for you then. Is that ok?


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